Best Cars for a Teenager’s Auto Insurance

Just because it’s legal for a teenager to get a driver’s license doesn’t mean you have to let yours try the second she turns 16. Driving is a big responsibility and can be an expensive chapter in your life as a parent. Your auto insurance premiums will increase when you add a teen driver to your policy. And if your child has bad grades and has not taken driver training, the rate increase is likely to be even higher. Make sure your teen has all her ducks in a row before letting her get her license, and choose a car for her to drive that won’t send you to the poor house.

How to Find Out

Look at the “Relative Collision Insurance Cost Information Booklet” produced by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration because the amount of vehicle damage that can happen to a car matters to auto insurance companies. You can find this information online, or you can ask a car dealer about it. Dealers are supposed to keep this booklet in their showrooms. Car dealers must inform you about how much insurance will likely be for the type of car you are considering buying.

Or you could ask your insurer how much different model cars will cost to insure. The vehicles in the report represent a collision loss experience of worse than or better than average. An average score is 100, and anything less than that is better than average; anything higher is worse than average. Car scores range from a low of in the 50 range for a Chrysler 200 to more than 300 for a BMW M3 to a high of more than 700 for a Ferrari.


New Small and Midsize Cars

If you want to get a small car for your teenager, here are the cheapest ones to insure:

  • Smart car
  • Mini Cooper
  • Toyota Yaris
  • Honda Fit
  • Chevrolet Cruze
  • Nissan Juke
  • Hyundai Elantra

Here are some good midsize cars for cheaper auto insurance for teenagers:

  • Chrysler 200
  • Honda Accord
  • Subaru Legacy
  • Kia Optima

Though sports cars are not typically cheap to insure, if you are set on getting one for your teen, the Chevrolet Camaro and the Ford Mustang score better than average regarding the collision loss experience.

New Pickups and Sport Utility Vehicles

All the two-door model small pickups scored well on the collision loss experience test. The best of the bunch is the GMC Canyon, but the Chevrolet Colorado, Toyota Tacoma and the Ford Ranger all scored better than average.

Here are some of the best SUVs to insure:

  • Jeep Wrangler (the lowest scoring car of all at 47)
  • Honda CR-V
  • Mercury Mariner
  • Mazda Tribute
  • Ford Escape
  • Kia Sportage
  • Hundai Tucson
  • Toyota RAV4
  • Nissan Rogue
  • Volkswagen Tiguan
  • Mitsubishi Outlander Sport

Used Cars put together a list for parents who want to buy a used car for their teen drivers. The list includes only the cars that were on the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety’s 2008 Top Safety Picks list. All the cars on the list passed crash tests, and have newer safety features that appeal to insurance companies.

Here are the top 10 best used cars to buy for your teenager:

  • Audi A3
  • Honda Accord
  • Mercury Sable
  • Ford Taurus
  • Subaru Forester
  • Mercury Milan
  • Scion
  • Nissan Rogue
  • Honda Civic
  • Ford Fusion

All the models years are 2008 except for the Mercury, Honda Civic and Ford Fusion, which are 2009 model years.

53 Pounds Gone with Our Fast Weight Loss Plan

53 Pounds Gone with Our Fast Weight Loss Plan

Fast weight loss can be a difficult concept, especially when many of us become overwhelmed with all the advertised products to help speed up our efforts. Why spend a small fortune when a fast weight loss plan can achieve maximum fat loss?

A group of friends, all with different views on shedding the fat looked for something that worked quickly, yet was not physically severe. Fifty-three Pounds lost in five months! That is the number of pounds one of my friends loss. No gym memberships were needed or new colorful sweat suits, just smart plans that help to maximize our weight loss efforts.

First, Understand How Dieting Really Works

Many of us have this preconceived notion of what losing weight means. We automatically think of the word Diet when we should be thinking of replacing what we already eat.

Did you know you can eat as much salad as you want? You can also top that salad with chicken, turkey or bacon and still lose weight. You can also have a hearty sandwich, stuffed with meat, lettuce, tomato, onion all on whole grain bread. You can even have a thin layer of mayonnaise and still burn fat. Clean foods elevate your metabolism so that you body burns fat more efficiently.

Our bodies are set up to react for survival, and fast weight loss takes a bit of strategy. Most of us incorporate a severe diet to shed fat but what we don’t realize is that this turns on our defense mechanism, and instead of losing weight, our body holds on to the fat.

Fast Weight Loss Tip #1 – What to Eat

You must eat clean. No sugary products or fat-filled treats. Here is a glimpse of what my friends ate for lunch. A brown-bagged lunch was taken just about every day:

  1. Turkey, Chicken or Tuna sandwich on whole grain bread
  2. Side salad with a chopped egg, cut-up chicken, bacon bits and a light dressing
  3. Yogurt
  4. Fruit (grapes, watermelon, peaches, etc.

Some days, soup was taken with a sandwich and other days everyone went to a sandwich shop. Overall, what was eaten was closely watched and extra was always brought to work so no one ever felt hungry or deprived.

Fast Weight Loss Tip #2 – Moving Your Body

Watching what you eat is only half the battle. You must elevate your heart rate and get your blood pumping. This is so simple; go window shopping. During the week, walk a few blocks during lunch. Listening to music while walking always does the trick and before you know it you will have walked more than you originally planned. Walk up stairs when possible. The point is, when you steadily increase your heart rate you improve your metabolism.

Fast Weight Loss Tip #3 – Add More Exercise

Who said you need to start off with 10 sit-ups? If all you can do is three, then start with three and work your way up to five the next week, and then ten the next. The important aspect of adding exercise movements is to try.

  • Add squats for the thighs and glutes
  • Lift the laundry detergent in each hand, or lift some can goods and build your arms

Muscle burns fat quickly. Building muscle is the ultimate fast weight loss tip. Muscle will help you shed fat quicker than any diet program, and it is the most under-utilized tip in exercise. For some reason, women ignore muscle-building movements.

It is possible to lose 53 pounds of fat within five months – I’ve seen it happen. If you embrace these fast weight loss tips you could be in a bikini next spring.

Top Ten Ways to Lose Weight

Top Ten Ways to Lose Weight and Keep it Off

Losing weight is not easy, particularly as people age because body metabolism slows 1% per year beginning at age 30 and jumps to 2% at age 40. The end result is that you gain weight more quickly and need less to eat as you grow older. Combine that with a sedentary lifestyle and the pounds begin to pile on.

All, however, is not lost. The number one rule is make a commitment and don’t get discouraged. Losing weight is a marathon, not a sprint. That’s why fast-loss diet plans don’t work.

Here are the top ten ways to lose weight and make sure you keep it off.

1. Commit to a lifestyle change

People who have successfully lost weight report making significant changes in their daily habits, in both eating and exercise. To do this you need to educate yourself about your caloric intake, the benefits of exercise, and how to expend more calories than you take in. Without learning the reasons behind weight loss and how to keep it off, dieters run a greater risk of regaining weight more quickly.

2. Eat less

One way to do this is to chew your food slowly and only eat until you are full, not beyond. It takes about 20 minutes for the brain to realize that the body ha had enough food, so it’s easy for many people to overeat. Slowing down helps your body to be satisfied on less food.

3. Choose a sensible diet

There are literally hundreds of diets out there that claim their method is the best for losing weight. Yet, some don’t provide the correct mix of nutrients or literally starve the body on too few calories, ultimately hurting the body and hindering weight loss. Stick with recognized diets or consult the FDA’s food pyramid for guidelines. Another helpful trick is to keep an accurate food journal. Write down everything you eat and drink, including sizes and portions. Be honest so you can determine your eating habit and adjust the food choices you make.

4. Eat Smaller, More Frequent Meals

Traditionally, most people eat three meals per day, but this frequency may not be enough when trying to lose weight. Eat five to six smaller meals per day to jump start your metabolism and keep it running higher throughout the day. Whenever you skip a meal or wait more than three hours to eat, your body goes into starvation mode and starts slowing down to save caloric expenditure. Eating more frequently keeps hunger levels down and energy levels higher. Your body will spend more time burning calories because it is digesting food more often instead of storing it as fat.

5. Use the Buddy System

Having a go-to person or a companion who is also trying to lose weight can be invaluable. Resisting high-fat or other unhealthy foods is easier when you have a buddy going through the same thing. Working out with a friend also keeps you committed to increasing your activity level which is essential when trying to lose weight.

6. Increase your activity level

This is absolutely essential for success in losing weight. If you don’t get any exercise, start walking. Increase the duration and pace of your walks as you become fitter. If you already walk, try adding an exercise class to your regimen, or try something more challenging such as bicycling or swimmer. The trick is to find something you enjoy doing and to make it a habit. Always keep in mind that you need to expend more calories than you take in to lose pounds.

7. Add weight training to your regimen

Making your muscles stronger actually improves your aerobic capacity, thus helping you to burn fat more efficiently and lose more weight. Also try varying your workouts so your body doesn’t become accustomed to any particular regimen. The latter will help you maintain your desired weight.

8. Don’t try to be perfect

No matter how you resolve to avoid bad foods or how consistent you are in getting to the gym, realize there will be times when you will backslide and overeat or become lazy or tired and not get to the gym for a few days. Don’t beat up on yourself and give up because if you do, you will never attain your goal. Remember, the most efficient weight loss comes gradually.

9. Set realistic goals and reward yourself

Don’t expect to lose 20 pounds of weight in the first month. Instead, set a goal of a pound or two per week. Also expect to lose weight more rapidly in the beginning. Expect plateau weeks where you will lose none. These are all natural. The pace will pick up again. Once you reach a goal, reward yourself with a small treat and set your next goal to keep your ultimate weight in sight.

10. Get sufficient sleep

Recent research has shown that not getting enough sleep adversely affects hormonal levels that control appetite. In other words if you don’t get enough sleep, you can overeat. Make sure you get enough shut-eye.

Furniture care wood

Wood Furniture – Use Design and Durability

Space redecoration and re-furbishing of home areas are becoming more and more of a trend worldwide, transcending any culture and region. Almost everyone are considering on modifying their wall colors, floor surfaces and even their furniture. Every tiny detail is almost thought about just to create a harmonized design of the entire home. This may be the reason why more and more woodwork shops are opening to cater to the demands.

Furniture is generally purchased considering majorly how it will fit to the design and style of your office space or living area. For wooden furniture, there is a variety of wood types to consider and these are carved into different types and designs of furniture. These can be chairs, beds, bookshelves, tables, consoles, cabinets and many more. The most popular types of wood used to create furniture are birch, cherry, maple, oak, poplar, walnut, cedar and fir.

Even if these types of wood are considered for their individual characteristics, the most popular of them is the oak wood because of its strength and durability. Oak is a strong and resilient material and using for furniture will produce solid pieces that can last from one generation to the next.

Either you will be buying oak dining sets, living room pieces or bedroom furniture, those made out of oak can be preserved and made to look new for many years with the proper care and maintenance. Because these wooden pieces are used to beautify different spaces of either your house or office, it is then recommended to do proper researching and counseling on finding the right type, size and price of furniture pieces so that aside from adorning your space it can also serve a usable purpose.

Furniture care wood

Take for example this scenario. While buying a dining set for your family, you must take into consideration its importance. Dining area is supposed to be the place where families reunite during the day to share a meal and a heartfelt conversation together. It is a place where you can tell each other what happened during the day despite the hectic schedules you each have. This area is also shared with guests and friends who come over either for a meal or snack. Thus, because of its relative importance, the design and comfort must be factors to consider before purchasing a dining set for the home. It must look grand and appealing and not just a piece of useless furniture in your home. The chairs must provide comfort so it can even add to the enjoyment while eating your meals. Oak trees are usually preferred when buying dining sets because of its elegance and class.

There are wood furniture stores that allow one to buy chairs and tables separately so that it will be easier for the client to mix and match. There are several shapes to choose from: oval, rectangular, square or round. Whether one would favor oak or any type of wood for furniture sets, one thing is clear, select those that are considerate of the cost, resilience and design.


The Management Solution for Online Sales on Cloud Computing Platform

OPENWAYPOS solution opens a new page in the software application to manage restaurant, hot pot, cafe, fast food and karaoke. Also, it makes a contribution to decline management costs, raise high security and avoid losses.

With the development of internet, cloud computing technology, OPENWAY holdings limited company has developed successful the management solution of online sales in the cloud computing of OPENWAYPOS. The product is born after 8 years of development, based on more than 800 customers representing industries such as coffee, clothes, cosmetics, shoes, supermarket, restaurant, bar, Karaoke.

OpenWay POS is a management system of high-end restaurant chain with all powerfully administrative features. The system supports the entire operational process of restaurant, bar, karaoke and premium coffee from the three- party bill (bar, kitchen, cash) to senior management as daily sales manager (for each restaurant or restaurant chain) and KPI synthesis report. The system also provides marketing management tools (promotion, voucher, vip cards) as well as Dashboard with 100 report samples.


The product applies cloud computing technology, so it is able to run on any device with an internet connection


The modern management systems makes it easy to monitor, manage revenue and profit and appreciate each employee at the restaurant chain, bar, karaoke, café through handheld mobile devices such as cell phones smart phones or tablets. In addition, it supports each waiter in receiving orders fast and efficiently with surfing on the handheld sensor screen.

The advantage of the product is to use cloud computing technology; therefore, it allows the product to run on almost any internet-connected devices such as internet-connected smart phones, tablets and computers. The product is optimized to run in a browser that supports HTML5 technology such as Chrome, Firefox, Opera. However, it does not depend on the operating system of the device used.

The typical feature of cloud computing technology is irrespective of the operating system or used device, so its application practically is carried out quickly and simply. Users can own a comprehensive management solution for their businesses in a short time.

The management solution of online sales on the cloud computing platform of OPENWAYPOS is divided into 2 modules: OpenWay blue pos and pos. OpenWay pos uses high technology such as Hybrid storage, Smart Filter, Smart Queue to deploy for high-end restaurant chain. Bluepos is used to implement the system for retail chains.

A special feature of the product is compatible and consistent with the actual environment in Vietnam. The same products originating from foreign countries cannot do that. In addition, to suit the type of business, the product can be changed as required by the user to apply and build for each different model and characteristics.

With these advantages and the potential for the widespread application, the “management of online sales on OPENWAY POS cloud computing” is selected as one of nine products of prospective information technology products by the Board of examiners of Award Vietnam Talent to compete in Vietnam Talent Award this year.